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Dental emergency

You have a dental emergency and you are wondering how to get an emergency appointment at the dentist?
Whether it is following a accident, dental trauma, a broken tooth, mouth pain, infection, abscess or toothache, the dental office PanaDent reserves time slots exclusively for your emergency appointments for a quick treatment by our dentists and to relieve you the same day!

Dental emergency

What is considered a dental emergency?

Adental emergency is a situation of acute pain
resulting from damage to the oral cavity. If you are wondering when to go to the dentist? Here are the signs of an impending dental emergency that require you to schedule a consultation right away:

Don’t hesitate to schedule an emergency consultation today at the dental center nearest you. At PanaDent we have decided to keep slots available for this purpose for our patients and urgent requests are accepted by our dental surgeons.

dental emergency
emergency dentist

Dental emergencies

Accident report

In dental emergencies, painkillers do not provide relief
for the associated pain. It is therefore necessary to
act quickly to prevent complications and provide relief.
Thus, a fall or a blow to the face can result in the
fracture or expulsion of one or more teeth. Even if the teeth
are not visibly broken in the event of an impact, it is strongly
recommended to consult a dental doctor and declare
the accident to your basic insurance company, which will pay for the entire

Our emergency service will be happy to make an appointment with one of our dental offices in French-speaking Switzerland to help you quickly.

If you need an emergency dentist, our team of dentists will welcome you inone of our clinics located in the cities of Payerne, Domdidier, Riaz, Yvonand, Echallens, Boudry, Saint Blaise or Le Landeron.

Dental emergency

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The success of our family dental practice is based on the bonds of trust that we have built over the years with our clients. Indeed, choosing PanaDent to take care of your mouth means benefiting from :

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Dental care
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Frequently asked questions

Is a toothache considered a dental emergency?

Absolutely. This dental emergency must be treated quickly to prevent the death of the nerve of a tooth, to limit complications, to limit subsequent interventions and the costs that are associated with it. Moreover, a rapid intervention will allow you to quickly relieve pain.

How much does an emergency dental procedure cost?

In a dental emergency, the diagnosis costs 33 CHF and is often accompanied by an X-ray (necessary for the diagnosis) that costs 20 CHF. The cost of a consultation varies according to the type of treatment required.

How to relieve pain before your dental emergency appointment?

You have the possibility to:

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