Are you starting invisible orthodontics? Our advice

during orthodontic treatment with invisible mouthpieces.


You have an eye for detail and have decided to align your teeth discreetly. Here is some advice on how to make sure your treatment goes smoothly:

  • Wear the mouthpiece for 18 – 22 hours a day at the minimum. Only remove them to brush your teeth, eat and drink.
  • During treatment, your oral hygiene is crucial. Clean your teeth and gums meticulously before each use of the mouthpiece.
  • Run the mouthpiece under water before inserting them. That is how the “invisible” effect is achieved. Flossing is now mandatory. The tartar forms more rapidly in the presence of the mouthpiece and is likely to impede the movement of the teeth.
  • Never use hot water, toothpaste or other products to clean the mouthpieces. Run them under cold water and brush them with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Make sure you keep it in the proper order. At each stage, wear the S (soft) mouthpiece first, the R (normal) mouthpiece second and the I (dense) mouthpiece third. Unless otherwise prescribed, each mouthpiece is worn for 7 days. The last one can be worn for 2 weeks.
  • While wearing the mouthpiece, you should refrain from eating. You may drink, but only water. Eating sweet or acidic foods while wearing mouthpieces can lead to cavities, gum disease and tooth discoloration.
  • If a mouthpiece irritates the mucous membranes, you can use a nail file to lightly (1mm max) file the disturbing area.
  • Keep the mouthpiece out of the reach of children and pets. Store them in the provided box in a cool, dry environment.

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